The Best MAC Lip Colors of All Time

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The Top MAC Lip Colors of All Time!

Where would the makeup industry be if MAC cosmetics hadn’t come along??

Too scary of a thought to really put too much thought into, because without the MAC brand the whole makeup industry and especially the lip colors department just wouldn’t be the same.

If you have ever splurged for a MAC lip product than you know how wonderful they all are and how there are an insane amount of styles, textures, and colors to choose from.

MAC makeup products are considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to the variety of colors that are heavily pigmented you can choose from along with some different & innovative lip finishes to really get excited over.

MAC was launched back in 1984 in Toronto, Canada by 2 ‘Frank’s’ ( that’s both their names) both these gentleman were in the beauty industry, Frank Toskan who was a makeup artist and photographer and Frank Angelo who was a beauty salon owner.

The idea behind MAC makeup was that the 2 Frank’s wanted to have colors that would show up and look exciting when photographed so they fixated on a makeup line that was specifically formulated to be a studio makeup line that would fulfill their professional needs as artists in the beauty industry.


Within the MAC cosmetics line, there have been certain colors and finishes in their lip shades that have become icons and absolute Must-have’s, and some of them have even been here from the very beginning of MAC makeup.

This list is a compilation of those iconic lip colors that never go out of style, you can wear all year long, and they make you feel and look amazing in.

The Top MAC Lip Colors of All Time!

MAC Retro Matte: Dangerous

MAC Dangerous

This shade is a bright dark Orangey- Red color, this Retro lipstick is longlasting and the finish is Matte.

Dangerous is a mild warm-toned color that can be worn by lots of skin tones but really looks striking on light-toned and darker-toned skin because it just stands out, this color radiates with boldness.

MAC Dangerous is a Red lip color that is not for the faint of heart, it is a bright and crisp red lip color that is loud and just the shit all around.

This is a favorite of mine and I love wearing it year-round because it is that type of color that looks good in all seasons and is so universal for anyone daring enough to wear it.


MAC Lip Liner to use with Dangerous:

Brick: Intense Gold-Red color

Cherry: Bright Blue-Red color (this will calm the orange down)

 Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Dance With Me

Dance With Me

The MAC Retro Matte line is a long-lasting and highly pigmented lip color that will leave a velvety finish on your lips.

The color is a Deep Cranberry Red color that is rich and looks striking on the lips, especially (I feel ) if you pair this bold lip color with a very simple face makeup.

For the color to reach it’s full (deeply pigmented) potential you will need and want 2 coats of this lip color.

It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips but make sure that you blot the 1st application of this color off before you apply your 2nd coating of this lip color so you pull off the excess lipstick.


MAC Lip liners to use with Dance With Me:

Beet: Vivid reddish-pink color (brings out pinky/red cranberry tones)

Cherry: A bright blue-red color (will keep it more of a clean true red)

MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

MAC Velvet Teddy

Probably 1 of the very few Nude lip colors that I myself can personally wear without looking washed out.

MAC Velvet Teddy is a deep tone beige color that has soft pink undertones and is perfect to wear all day long.

This lipstick is in a matte finish and it is a low maintenance lip color in that you don’t have to do any touch-ups because it is long-lasting.

Although this lip color is in a matte finish it feels smooth and creamy on your lips.


MAC Lip Liners to use with Velvet Teddy:

Spice: Pink Cinnamon color

Soar: Medium Pinky-Brown color

Whirl: Dirty Rose color

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Dark Side

MAC Dark Side

MAC Dark Side is a rich and romantic lip color that is a medium cool-toned burgundy shade that looks luxurious on and feels just as good on your lips too.

The Dark Side lip color is a deep red color with purple undertones and is what I would call a “Classic Burgundy” color with a mild shine for the finish.


MAC Lip Liners to wear with Dark Side:

Beet: Vivid reddish-pink color (brings out pinky/red cranberry tones)

Burgundy: Brownish burgundy color

MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red

MAC Russian Red

Another favorite of mine, MAC Russian Red.

This particular red lip color is a deep & rich blue-toned red color that is a MAC staple and a true classic within their whole beauty line.

MAC Russian Red is a color that can be worn by a slew of different skin tones so even if you have warmer undertones don’t shy away.

Let me tell you if you can wear and pull MAC Russian Red off, then you Need to do it because you will be missing out on sooo many compliments.


MAC Lip Liners you can wear with Russian Red:

Cherry: A bright Blue-Red color

Brick: An intense golden red color

If you love Red Lip Colors as much as I do and would like to know some Tips & Tricks to wear the Infamous red lip color then check out this article I wrote on, How To Wear Red Lip Colors.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine


MAC Heroine is such a great color and it’s been around now for a while with Mac and it’s because it’s just such a unique color.

This color is a bright purple with a pink/blue background and you absolutely will get compliments every time you wear this lip shade.

MAC Heroine is very versatile to lots of different skin tones so don’t be intimidated or thrown off by the loud color in the tube.

This beautiful color is always a statement lip that is bright, fun, and powerful.

Even though Heroine has a blue background which leans this lipstick towards the cool side, Heroine can still be worn by warmer skin tones as well and that’s because of the pink so all skin tones make sure you check Heroine out because if she works for your skin than I promise you Heroine will be a favorite of yours.


MAC Lip liners to wear with Heroine:

MAC Nightingale: A medium creamy Plum color

MAC Heroine: Bright Purple color

MAC Heroine Lipglass

MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Pigeon

MAC Pink Pigeon

MAC Pink Pigeon is fun and bright pink lip color that in some lots will appear to be on the neon side of the pink spectrum.

This pink is best suited for the cool-toned girls because this color has blue undertones and the finish is a matte but to me, it feels more like a cream finish but after hours of wear, it will settle into your lips as a heavy matte finish would.

This lip color has the ability to be bold, soft, rich, and creamy all wrapped up in 1 lipstick, the lights will change the appearance of Pink Pigeon she can become very bright and very soft with the change of lights and scenery.


MAC Lip liners to wear with  Pink Pigeon:

Talking Points:  Light Blue Fuchsia color

Edge to Edge: Midtone dirty blue pink color

Candy Yum-Yum: Neon Pink color

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Rebel

MAC Rebel

MAC Rebel lipstick is a purple-pink color with no shimmer that is a satin finish.  Rebel despite her name is a sweet and soft berry lip color that works pretty much on everyone and every skin tone.

MAC Rebel is very versatile in that you can wear her super casual with a pair of ripped jeans or super fancy for a party or even to the white collard office jobs, this is a color that can be pulled off for everyone and every event.

It’s because of how balanced the tones and shades are in MAC Rebel, making her sit in the middle of the spectrums of color hues, finishes, depths, and richness of the color tones which creates a dynamic lip color that is so universal.


MAC Lip Liners to wear with Rebel:

MAC Plum: A potent reddened plum color

MAC Vino: Intense violet purple color

MAC Lipglass in Oh Baby

Oh Baby

MAC Oh Baby Lipglass is a warm-toned, medium brown honey lip gloss with sparkling glitters.

This is such a pretty golden bronze lip gloss to wear whether it’s over a lipstick or on its own, it’s just beautiful.

MAC Lipglasses are heavy glosses that are thicker than most glosses, they are fairly long-lasting for lip glosses and they tend to fill in the lips nicely to make a smoother lip pout.


MAC Lip Liners to wear entirely over the lips or as outlines:

Boldly Bare: Dirty Red-brown color

Soar: Medium Pinky-Brown color

MAC Lipglass in C-Thru

MAC C Thru

MAC C-Thru Lipglass is a warm-toned light peachy color with orange undertones and a shimmery gold/pearl finish.

If you love Nudes or neutral lip colors than MAC C-Thru is for you because she sits on the lips as a shimmery sheer peachy beige/ nude color that has a creamy finish,

Again you can wear this lipgloss color on its own or on the top of lipsticks to add more dimension and of course sparkles.


MAC Lip Liners to wear entirely over the lips or as outlines:

Subculture: A nude flat pink color

Spice: Pink Cinnamon color

Auburn:  Intense orange-reddish brown color

MAC Lipglass in Myth


MAC Myth Lipglass is a very warm-toned, medium peach color with a creamy finished look.

Myth can be a beautiful nude color to wear on your lips solo and it’s because of how creamy a rich her finished look is.

Even though MAC Myth is a very warm-toned color, this gloss comes off as a neutral nude color that can be worn by most skin tones.


MAC Lip Liners to wear entirely over the lips or as outlines:

Stripdown:  A creamy brown beige color

Oak:  A soft beige brown color

Dervish: A pinky-mauve color

MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl

oyster girl
Oyster Girl

MAC Oyster Girl is a freshwater pink, that is light, bright, and goes with literally everything.

Oyster Girl is a pale color that has a light pink and lilac tones to her and is topped off with lots of gold and silver shimmers.

Like a Pearl.

MAC Oyster Girl can be worn over so many different lip colors to or she can sit on the lips solo, either way, this is an essential lipgloss to have in your arsenal of lip products.


MAC Lip Liners to wear entirely over the lips or as outlines:

Subculture: A nude flat pink color

Boldly Bare: Dirty Red-brown color

Magenta:  A vivid pinkish- purple color

MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous

mac funtabulous

MAC Dazzleglass glosses are so incredible and all of the colors are special in their own way and add so much to the lips when applied onto lipsticks.

MAC Funtabulous color is a cool-toned fuchsia-purple color with pink and blue shimmers of glitter.

This color can be worn literally over any lip color you can imagine or it can be worn by itself, it complements the skin and makes the teeth look super white,

MAC Funtabulous is the grownup version of a glitter lip gloss, it’s not as in your face with glitter, it’s more of a soft mild shimmer of pinks and blues.


MAC Lip Liners to wear entirely over the lips or as outlines:

Candy Yum-Yum: Neon Pink color

Talking Points:  Light Blue Fuchsia color

That’s It, the iconic MAC lip colors list has come to an end.

I could go on and on with lipsticks and the MAC cosmetics brand, I love them both so much.

I hope you enjoyed this list and possibly inspired you to go and check out these gorgeous and legendary MAC lip products for yourself, honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of the colors that MAC has but there is something just a little bit more special about these particular lip colors.

If you loved some of the colors or all of them on this list but aren’t sure which colors would best suit your skin colorings than check out this article I wrote on, How to Choose a Lip Color.

Having the right lip color that just makes you feel good is the best feeling ever, it’s like having a suit of armor on you that shields you from Bull shit.

When you have that 1 particular lip color on your lips that you just know you look good in, it changes you- that lipstick gives you a new side of what Pride and Strength can be for you.

Never any foul or harm in knowing when you look good, so be brave, be bold and jump into some new lip colors that you have never worn before to see what it brings out of you.

A girl can always count on her Lipstick to make her feel good! (That should be on a Bumper Sticker)

lipstick on the mirror

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The top MAC Lip Colors of all time

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